Basil Hayden’s: Whiskey Among Other Things

I’ve been tapped to travel and write for the brand new website for Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey, Basil Hayden’s, We’re calling it “Whiskey Among Other Things.”
BH Old Glory
A couple years ago, my friend Lizz reached out with one of her hair-brained ideas: curating a website similar to All Plaidout, but for the whiskey drinker.

“So, would all the stories be about bourbon and whiskey?”
“No,” she replied. “Not all of them.”
“I get it: write about the things a fan of Old Fashioneds might be into if, say, he were a 25-35 year old red-blooded American male.”
“More or less,” she smiled.

Since then, we’d kept in touch for quite some time, and through our conversations emerged Whiskey Among Other Things, a new way of appealing to the whiskey fan.

“And you’re gonna write it,” said Lizz.
“Me?” Incredulous.
“Yep. It’ll be great.”

And so far, she’s right. I’ve been working with the folks at Basil Hayden’s since September, developing blog and Facebook posts, and the response – internally, and via the things we’ve been sharing on Facebook anyways – has been altogether positive.

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 1.22.58 PM

With that, I’m pleased to finally share with readers of All Plaidout, Whiskey Among Other Things on the newly re-launched