Birchbox Man: Natural Haircare

Shortly after I moved to Chicago, I asked Jessica Herman, then a co-worker and now my girlfriend, where I should go to get my haircut. She’d recently interviewed Ryan Babbitt, a graphic designer-turned-hair stylist and thought we’d hit it off.¬†Fast friends, as so often becomes the case with barbers, I entrust Ryanwith more than my haircut. We discuss everything from design to dating (then-co-workers, in my case).

Since then, we’ve seen each other through a lot: break-ups and make-ups, and a few different job opportunities. And as meaningful as those have been, they pale in comparison to the results his natural haircare methods have had on my frizzy ‘do.

The dude makes all of his own hairstyling products.

Earlier this year, I spoke of my head regimen to my friend Martin Mulkeen at Birchbox Man, and he asked if I’d write about it for their blog. I happily obliged, and I’m pleased with the results.

Head over to Birchbox Man for the full story.

Oh, and if you live in Chicago and need someone to cut your hair, Ryan is awesome.