Things My Father Taught Me: Garrett Colton

It’s a funny thing, taste. We all feel like we have it, but we can identify when someone has better taste than our own. This how I feel about Garrett Colton. Turns out, maybe I should give credit to his dad.


scan0087From the get go, my dad had us listening to The Beatles, Kinks, Beach Boys and The Five Americans, and watching movies like Spinal Tap, Meatballs, and Raising Arizona. From a career standpoint, that’s why my brand and shop both references and carries things from the past: my dad instilled these things in me when I was very young. Throughout my childhood and youth , my dad showed us things that one might not be privy to in Oklahoma during that time.

scan0089On a personal level, my dad has taught me a lot, but as time has passed, the one thing that really resonates is the fact that he has encouraged me to be myself and think for myself, even if that means going against the tide. It may sound a bit corny, but I think all the fads and crazy things I have done have helped me in more ways than I can count in the long run. Without my dad’s support, I’d probably be coaching basketball at my alma mater otherwise.

scan0088So, the “big message,” is that my dad taught to be myself – an invaluable lesson to learn, and sometimes a difficult one.

Garrett Colton’s Special Father’s Day Mix.

Garrett Colton