Letterman: Kennedy Center Honors

“For David Letterman, this is unquestionably the single worst night of his life. Look at him, I know he’s smiling, but that medal hanging around his neck: there’s a 40% chance he’ll hang himself with it.” – Jimmy Kimmel

At the 35th Annual Kennedy Center Honors, David Letterman was honored for his Herculean television achievements. There are so many fat pitches in this seventeen minute clip (“Tina, does Dave talk to you?”), and it’s worth watching the entire thing, if only to watch Dave squirm sitting next to the Led Zeppelin boys.

And a selfish in-joke: for those who’ve met my mother, you’ll appreciate this. In the montage featured in this clip, look for the first Top Ten list entry with this story in mind: for the first time in the seven years I’ve been remiss in regularly updating All Plaidout, my mother recently called me and said, “I’m calling because I’m worried about you. I went to your blog the other day, and I thought you might be dead.” Thanks, Mom.