Faribault Foot Solider Miltary Shadow Plaid Wool Blanket on All Plaidout

An Update: Faribault Woolen Mills x All Plaidout

An update to an update: I’m delighted to share that following a phone call with Faribault this evening, owing to a legitimate misunderstanding, we’ve been able to come to an agreement, and effective immediately we will be offering the shadow plaid blanket on All Plaidout, making it available for pre-order for the next month (through August 31, 2020). The blanket will be available in three sizes, with navy blue whipstitch and with Faribault’s label. If this first run is successful, my hope is to partner in a bigger way, sharing new Faribault offerings here on All Plaidout developed with my trademark touches.


In 2013 and 2014, I worked with the incredibly kind and talented John Mooty to create the shadow plaid while he was at Faribault Woolen Mill, designing a pattern born from the fibers of blankets made for each branch of the military.

After launching the shop, several of you requested a sequel be offered to the shadow plaid blanket. Faribault is a company I have supported for years, financially while working in the clothing industry and for two decades prior, sleeping under a tan-colored “Faribo” Faribault blanket my entire life. My family still stocks a Faribault blanket for each one of us. Since the Civil War, they have made a durable, beautiful product, a product that I stand behind and believe in. By re-issuing this version of the shadow plaid blanket, I’m hopeful you will learn firsthand why I believe so strongly in the products made by this company.

CEO Paul Grangaard, formerly of Allen Edmonds, came aboard in February of this year with a new vision, and I’m looking forward to collaborating and partnering with him as he takes helm into a new era for Faribault.

The story of the shadow plaid is a good one, and it’s one I was happy to develop with John Mooty, now of NWKC.

Now is the time to support a great American manufacturer… now more than ever. As I’ve done with Faribault, I’d welcome the opportunity to partner on projects that make sense and align with what I’m trying to do here on All Plaidout.

The Shadow Plaid blanket is now available for pre-order on All Plaidout. Please note, this is not the original Faribault Woolen Mill x All Plaidout blanket with the collaborative label and red whipstitch.