Robert Redford Sundance Film Festival 2021

Thank You Bob

I’ll never be able to properly show my gratitude to the many educators, artists, friends and family — most especially, my parents — and dozens of actors, writers, directors and producers who inspired me to pursue my own creativity to its fullest extent. But, this man, Robert Redford, has had as wide-sweeping an influence on me as any have in my life. He first made a deep impression on me at a very young age acting in films like The Natural, The Sting, and of course Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid and All The President’s Men. Later, as my fandom expanded and my desire to ingest everything he’d made, I learned of his prowess as a director of films like A River Runs Through It and Ordinary People. Eventually my dumb luck would grant me opportunities to attend and even interview him at his Sundance Film Festival. I’d come to better understand the immense impact he has had as a benefactor of the arts and its communities around the world. In this year, one in which we’ve been able to spend hours and days retracing our steps, I found myself returning to many of the talks, discussions and screenings I’ve been fortunate to attend at Sundance and at other festivals and screenings all over the world. As this video states so clearly, I’d like to add my thanks as well.

Thank you, Bob.