I’ve been keeping a log of ideas: things to write about, places to visit and document, things to make, to build and to do for several years. It began as a note on my phone, and it’s now a 45-page document in Google. 

The first entry under “Blog Posts” simply says, “Write an embittered post about the people and companies who’ve taken from me in the past; people and companies who — when I’ve asked to return the favor — have shot me down. As my wife says, ‘They continue to profit while I continue to sink.’”

Well, I will sink no more. I’m sick of being taken advantage of. From now on, this blog will be the manifestation of a life spent dreaming. 

It’s time that I take what’s rightfully mine and do for myself what I’ve helped so many others to do for themselves. 

If you’d like to help me to realize my dreams, please reach out with the understanding that I am naturally inclined to give more than I take, to use my two ears and my one mouth in correct proportion, and I intend to shed light on others that I feel provide for the world in a similar manner to me (The sign on this door now says, “No Takers Allowed”). If you are willing to help, I’ll do everything I can to reciprocate.

Let this post act as my manifesto for what is to come. Subscribe to my RSS feed in the drop down menu so that my posts go directly to your email when I publish them. I’m not messing around with Substack or Medium. I live here on this WordPress that I began in 2008. 

You should too. Thank you for your love and support.

Video c/o LittleZ31. Image c/o Carolina Mariana Rodriguez.