Documentary: Sheryl

My admiration of Sheryl Crow is well-founded. In effort to convert the world, to make each and every one of you just as ardent a fan as I am, I will find any excuse to promote her particular brand of popular music, one that infuses rock, soul and country.

Streaming now and airing live tonight, Friday May 6, for 1 hour and 34 minutes Sheryl’s story will be told in the eponymous documentary. The documentary, directed by Amy Scott, debuted this March at SXSW, is Showtime‘s latest in a series of musicians’ documentaries, and If it is anything like the treatment given to George Michael (who is receiving an “uncut” treatment of his self-directed documentary for theaters this summer) and Whitney Houston, it’s bound to make you pull out the playlist generator, and as you return to her dozens of hits, you’ll realize that I’m right: Sheryl Crow is incredible.

Earlier this week, Sheryl performed the Brandi Carlile-produced “Dance Around It” on The Late Show with Lucius, Celisse and Stay Human.

On Howard Stern, she performed the cover of The Rolling Stones’ “Live with Me” from the classic album Let It Bleed. Her cover closes out her latest album, Sheryl. She also performed her own classic “Leavin’ Las Vegas.”

Sheryl on Showtime, May 6, 2022 at 9PM Eastern.

Featured image c/o TV Insider, NTVB Media, Inc.