Not Just Any Other Day a Mix of New Christmas Music from Max Wastler

Not Just Any Other Day

Not Just Any Other Day SPOTIFY APPLE MUSIC (coming soon) YOUTUBE (coming soon) Christmas is not just any other day, this year especially

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Jerry Jeff Walker Hat Band

Jerry Jeff Walker & Texas Hatters

By the time the snare drum kicks up its dust on "Get It Out," the fifth track on my trusted Spotify running mix, I know I'm halfway home. Jerry Jeff Walker's punchy sing-a-long telling his lady that he loves her hits perfectly with the cadence of my run, each step its own downbeat. Recorded live at the Luckenbach Dancehall in

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Joe Edwards of Blueberry Hill

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

I was recently asked to conduct interviews with two local restaurateurs to garner their perspectives our upcoming election, local legends Joe Edwards of Blueberry Hill and Jamila Brantley of C&K Barbecue. The piece went live today. It's part of their Road to November series, a virtual trip down the Mississippi River from Minnesota to Louisiana, to meet some of the

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Jerry Weintraub

Jerry Weintraub

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you click through and pay for a service, I’ll be compensated at no cost to you. I only recommend services I use myself. I’d been thinking this week about what — exactly — I do when I encountered Jimmy Kimmel interviewing Billy Crystal. Billy told a couple stories about Jerry Weintraub, one of those

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Wally's Pontiac, Illinois

Wally’s – Pontiac, IL

This weekend, my wife and I went for a drive from St. Louis to Chicago. Along the way, like a beacon in the night, we spotted a blaze orange Wagoneer strategically parked close enough to the highway so we could make out the word "Wally's" emblazoned on the faux wood paneling. Fate led us to stopping at what we'd come

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Lifeguard Max Wastler

An Ode to Lifeguards & A Review: Class Action Park

As we say goodbye to the strangest summer in our lifetime, one in which I -- someone who hasn’t gone more than a few weeks without swimming -- has not been in a pool since February, inspired by a new documentary that tells a fascinating, dark tale of a swimming pool, I thought I’d take a look back at my

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Paul Newman Research Register Vote

Paul Newman: Research, Register, Vote

Those who know me well understand that Paul Newman has long been one of the most inspiring characters in my life. His quotes about actions have been ringing especially true these days, and I am trying to allow for my actions to speak. "A man can only be judged by his actions, and not by his good intentions or his beliefs."

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Don't Leave Out the Good Part a Playlist for All Plaidout

Don’t Leave Out the Good Part

But I'm her lover, not a man bent on revenge, hanging out here on the fringe, of my native borderlands. - from “The Ballad of the Snow Leopard and the Tanqueray Cowboy” written by David Rodriguez, performed by Lyle Lovett ### To help answer the questions thrown at them by life, some people write. Some talk. Some take pictures. Some paint or draw or carve or

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Faribault Foot Solider Miltary Shadow Plaid Wool Blanket on All Plaidout

An Update: Faribault Woolen Mills x All Plaidout

An update to an update: I'm delighted to share that following a phone call with Faribault this evening, owing to a legitimate misunderstanding, we've been able to come to an agreement, and effective immediately we will be offering the shadow plaid blanket on All Plaidout, making it available for pre-order for the next month (through August 31, 2020). The blanket

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Max Wastler's Omega Seamaster

The Story of My Watch on Mr. Watchmaster

After reading about my Timex Ironman in A Man & His Watch, Mr. Watchmaster Andrew Canter asked me to share the story of another watch. I talked with him about my newest watch, the one my wife gave me on our wedding day. You can read all about it on Andrew's blog. Thank you, sir, for providing me the opportunity

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