Bill Murray in Scrooged on All Plaidout

The Ringer on the Perfection That is Scrooged

Inspired by this excellent 2018 Ringer article celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Scrooged, the Richard Donner helmed retelling of Dickens' story starring a mid-career Bill Murray who appeared to be careening full speed towards his late career surge in a way few actors or comedians ever have, I'd like to take a look back at some of the cultural touch

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How It's Made Candy Canes on All Plaidout

How It’s Made: Candy Canes

I'm not sure what it says about me, but the first thing I think of when I see a candy cane is that time in second grade when my bully punctured my hand with a shiv he made from a candy cane. Still, few things say "Christmas" quite like a cellophane-wrapped candy cane. And speaking of cellophane, I don't know

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Norelco Stop-Motion Animation Christmas Commercial on All Plaidout

Norelco’s Stop-Motion Animation Christmas Commercials

In the 1960s and 70s, Norelco used stop-motion animation to advertise their personal care products, in particular their electric shavers. At the time, stop-motion was a rare form of animation with very little presence on television. The spots began with a sledding Santa, propped up by one of Norelco’s trademark three-headed razor attachments. When the spots aired during those classic

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The Know First Podcast Episode 14 Sweet Home Chicago

The Know First Podcast, Episode 14: Sweet Home Chicago

“We are writing a very important Thanksgiving Proclamation — and possibly a new action adventure series. Nobody here is checked out.”- Toby Ziegler and Sam Seaborn, The West Wing This has been hard, hasn’t it? And by “this,” I mean life. While yes, the past eight-and-a-half months have been fraught, it would seem that collectively for the past several years, we’ve

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George Clooney & The Flowbee

Fifteen years ago, while living in New York, trying to get bylines in GQ, Esquire and Details, anytime I learned George Clooney was doing press for a new movie, I would pitch this story: I wanted to get together with Clooney and have him teach me how to cut my own hair. At some point in college, I met an

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Not Just Any Other Day a Mix of New Christmas Music from Max Wastler

Not Just Any Other Day

Not Just Any Other Day SPOTIFY APPLE MUSIC (coming soon) YOUTUBE (coming soon) Christmas is not just any other day, this year especially

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Jerry Jeff Walker Hat Band

Jerry Jeff Walker & Texas Hatters

By the time the snare drum kicks up its dust on "Get It Out," the fifth track on my trusted Spotify running mix, I know I'm halfway home. Jerry Jeff Walker's punchy sing-a-long telling his lady that he loves her hits perfectly with the cadence of my run, each step its own downbeat. Recorded live at the Luckenbach Dancehall in

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Joe Edwards of Blueberry Hill

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

I was recently asked to conduct interviews with two local restaurateurs to garner their perspectives our upcoming election, local legends Joe Edwards of Blueberry Hill and Jamila Brantley of C&K Barbecue. The piece went live today. It's part of their Road to November series, a virtual trip down the Mississippi River from Minnesota to Louisiana, to meet some of the

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Jerry Weintraub

Jerry Weintraub I’d been thinking this week about what — exactly — I do when I encountered Jimmy Kimmel interviewing Billy Crystal. Billy told a couple stories about Jerry Weintraub, one of those Hollywood legends with whom I’ve always been enamored, and I found myself later that night reading a nine-year-old interview with Weintraub in a newspaper. He called himself “a high-priced

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Wally's Pontiac, Illinois

Wally’s – Pontiac, IL

This weekend, my wife and I went for a drive from St. Louis to Chicago. Along the way, like a beacon in the night, we spotted a blaze orange Wagoneer strategically parked close enough to the highway so we could make out the word "Wally's" emblazoned on the faux wood paneling. Fate led us to stopping at what we'd come

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