Sheryl Crow Audible Original Words and Music

Sheryl Crow: Words + Music

Today is Sheryl Crow's birthday, and I'm writing to encourage you to celebrate with me by listening to her tell her life's story in 97 very short minutes. Audible has an ongoing series, free to its subscribers and produced in part by the inimitable rock journalist Bill Flanagan (a lifelong personal hero of mine) called Words + Music. When the

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Robert Redford Sundance Film Festival 2021

Thank You Bob I'll never be able to properly show my gratitude to the many educators, artists, friends and family -- most especially, my parents -- and dozens of actors, writers, directors and producers who inspired me to pursue my own creativity to its fullest extent. But, this man, Robert Redford, has had as wide-sweeping an influence on me as any have in

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The Nativity by Salvador Dalí for Hallmark

Salvador Dalí’s Christmas Cards for Hallmark

This time last year, my wife and I were gearing up to travel to Spain for Christmas. We spent the holiday with Jorge Suquet, one of my closest friends -- and onetime guest on my podcast -- and his wonderful family. We learned all about so many of their holiday traditions (for one thing, Spaniards celebrate Christmas on the Epiphany),

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1931 Sundblom Santa

Haddon Sundblom’s Coca-Cola Santa

The image most Americans today have of Santa Claus, the big jolly man with the rosy cheeks in the red suit, that image of St. Nick originated with Swedish-American painter, Haddon Sundblom. Prior to Sundblom, the most recognizable, arguably the first Americanized version of Santa was created by Thomas Nast for Harper's Weekly, but in 1931, the first of

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John Denver Rocky Mountain Christmas

John Denver’s Rocky Mountain Christmas On December 10, 1975, John Denver's Rocky Mountain Christmas Special aired on ABC and featured the appearances of Steve Martin, Olivia Newton-John and Valerie Harper. Produced to promote of the release of his album of the same name, the special was viewed by a record 65 million people, the largest audience assembled for an ABC music program at that time,

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Eddy Goldfarb

Eddy’s World Eddy's World is a short documentary produced by The New Yorker and directed by Eddy Goldfarb's daughter Lyn. Take thirty minutes and watch the inspiring story of the man responsible for inventing hundreds of the world's best toys.

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The Know First Podcast Episode 14 Sweet Home Chicago

The Know First Podcast, Episode 14: Sweet Home Chicago

“We are writing a very important Thanksgiving Proclamation — and possibly a new action adventure series. Nobody here is checked out.”- Toby Ziegler and Sam Seaborn, The West Wing This has been hard, hasn’t it? And by “this,” I mean life. While yes, the past eight-and-a-half months have been fraught, it would seem that collectively for the past several years, we’ve

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George Clooney & The Flowbee

Fifteen years ago, while living in New York, trying to get bylines in GQ, Esquire and Details, anytime I learned George Clooney was doing press for a new movie, I would pitch this story: I wanted to get together with Clooney and have him teach me how to cut my own hair. At some point in college, I met an

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Not Just Any Other Day a Mix of New Christmas Music from Max Wastler

Not Just Any Other Day

Not Just Any Other Day SPOTIFY APPLE MUSIC (coming soon) YOUTUBE (coming soon) Christmas is not just any other day, this year especially

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Jerry Jeff Walker Hat Band

Jerry Jeff Walker & Texas Hatters

By the time the snare drum kicks up its dust on "Get It Out," the fifth track on my trusted Spotify running mix, I know I'm halfway home. Jerry Jeff Walker's punchy sing-a-long telling his lady that he loves her hits perfectly with the cadence of my run, each step its own downbeat. Recorded live at the Luckenbach Dancehall in

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