The Nativity by Salvador Dalí for Hallmark

Salvador Dalí’s Christmas Cards for Hallmark

This time last year, my wife and I were gearing up to travel to Spain for Christmas. We spent the holiday with Jorge Suquet, one of my closest friends -- and onetime guest on my podcast -- and his wonderful family. We learned all about so many of their holiday traditions (for one thing, Spaniards celebrate Christmas on the Epiphany),

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Art Carney as Corwin in the Twilight Zone The Night of the Meek

The Twilight Zone’s “The Night of the Meek”

Host and creator Rod Serling, a Jewish man born on Christmas Day, presented viewers with a profound twist on the many fables of Christmas as only The Twilight Zone could in its December 23, 1960 episode "The Night of the Meek." Art Carney plays Corwin, a drunken department store Santa who discovers a magic bag of presents. The supernatural is

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John Denver Rocky Mountain Christmas

John Denver’s Rocky Mountain Christmas On December 10, 1975, John Denver's Rocky Mountain Christmas Special aired on ABC and featured the appearances of Steve Martin, Olivia Newton-John and Valerie Harper. Produced to promote of the release of his album of the same name, the special was viewed by a record 65 million people, the largest audience assembled for an ABC music program at that time,

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David Sedaris Holidays on Ice

“The Santaland Diaries” by David Sedaris The first time I heard "The Santaland Diaries," I had just turned 18. Driving from an early morning swim practice, I could still smell the chlorine in my hair, and for some reason, the radio drifted from a low-on-the-dial college jazz show that I would listen to occasionally to our local NPR station. It was Morning Edition. I heard the

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Patrick Stewart in A Christmas Carol

Patrick Stewart’s Stage One-man Show of A Christmas Carol While I enjoyed Sir Patrick Stewart's turn as Ebenezer Scrooge in the 1999 TNT version of A Christmas Carol, I so prefer it when he does all the parts himself. Beginning in 1991, Sir Patrick Stewart took Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol and turned it into a one-man Broadway show in which he portrayed 35 characters. While I was a

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The Importance of Mickey’s Christmas Carol Before ever having read Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, like many of my generation, I first encountered the story of a curmudgeon visited by three ghosts in a 1983 Disney featurette called Mickey's Christmas Carol, produced initially as added value for ticket-buyers of the reissued The Rescuers in the United States and The Jungle Book in the United Kingdom. It's significant

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Bill Murray in Scrooged on All Plaidout

The Ringer on the Perfection That is Scrooged

Inspired by this excellent 2018 Ringer article celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Scrooged, the Richard Donner helmed retelling of Dickens' story starring a mid-career Bill Murray who appeared to be careening full speed towards his late career surge in a way few actors or comedians ever have, I'd like to take a look back at some of the cultural touch

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How It's Made Candy Canes on All Plaidout

How It’s Made: Candy Canes

I'm not sure what it says about me, but the first thing I think of when I see a candy cane is that time in second grade when my bully punctured my hand with a shiv he made from a candy cane. Still, few things say "Christmas" quite like a cellophane-wrapped candy cane. And speaking of cellophane, I don't know

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Norelco Stop-Motion Animation Christmas Commercial on All Plaidout

Norelco’s Stop-Motion Animation Christmas Commercials

In the 1960s and 70s, Norelco used stop-motion animation to advertise their personal care products, in particular their electric shavers. At the time, stop-motion was a rare form of animation with very little presence on television. The spots began with a sledding Santa, propped up by one of Norelco’s trademark three-headed razor attachments. When the spots aired during those classic

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