Jon Stewart Will Return to Host The Daily Show

Jon Stewart Will Return to Host The Daily Show

I’m glad he’s back. Bonus points for including the best motivational song of all time, Patrick Doyle’s “St. Crispin’s Day” from the best scene from Kenneth Branagh’s directorial debut, Henry V.

Also, Burt’s > Pequod’s > Jerry’s > George’s > Louisa’s > Milly’s Pizza in the Pan > Nancy’s > Mal’s Crustless > Mal’s > Pizano’s > Bartoli’s > My Pi > Art of Pizza > Gino’s East >  Giordano’s 

… for the uninitiated trying Chicago-style for the first time, simply go to your Google Map, type in “Deep Dish,” and head straight to the closest result. You’ll be fine. Oh, and sausage… few circumstances excuse you from first trying it without sausage. All you need to know is that Mal’s has a “crustless” version in which the “crust” is sausage. Your bill arrives with a Crestor prescription, standard. Standard. 

Sidenote: Don’t care what nunya’s sez: dogs are better after a drag “tru da gaa-rden.” 

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