Brands I Love

Clothing & Accessories

1733 - "For Schlepping"

3Sixteen - My entry in to 2010's Denim Debate 

45R - Famed for its Japanese Ai Indigo-dyed yarn since 1977

A.B.C.L. - Venice Meets Tokyo

Adam Mar - Casual Clothing and Surfing Gear

Adsum - Inspired by the cities and countryside of the American Northeast

Aesop - Australian Skincare

Aether - Uniform for the Restless

Aimée Leon Dore - From Queens, NY "The Most Diverse County in America"

Albam - London-based Contemporary Menswear

Alberton U.S. Army Duck - Japanese Accessories Inspired by a Baltimore factory

Alex Crane - Cotton, Leather, Linen & Wool: Natural, Renewable & Plastic-free

Alex Mill - Frmr. J. Crew designer & merchandiser meticulously attentive to detail

Allevol - Japan / England

Alps & Meters - Timeless Alpine Apparel

Amana Woolen Mill - Blankets, Throws & More Made in Iowa

American Optical Eyewear - Iconic Sunglasses Made in Illinois

Amundsen - Norwegian Sportswear inspired by Explorer Roald Amundsen 

Anatomica - American-style garments made in Japan

Anderson's Belts - Family-owned, Italian-made Belts

Ankore - Made in France

Annie Larson All Knitwear - Colorful Retro-inspired Knitwear Made in Brooklyn

Anonymous Ism - Functional, Playful Japanese Socks, Clothing & Accessories

Archival Clothing / Handy Bag - Made in Oregon by Lesli Larson & Tom Bonamici

Arket - Swedish Sustainable Style

Armor Lux - Breton Style, Made in France

Artpenteur - Contemporary French Workwear

Ashland Leather - Leather Wallets & Accessories, Made in Chicago

Asket - Swedish Garments w. Extended 15-Size System to Fit More People Better

Askov Finlayson - Keep the North Cold, Minnesota-based Outerwear

Aspesi - Italian, Celebrating Sobriety, Functionality & Everydayness Since 1969

Astis Mittens - Beaded Shearling & Polartec Mittens, Hand-sewn in USA

Baggu - Simple, Intentional Things for Everyday Use

Barbour - English Luxury and Lifestyle

Barena - Daily Essentials, Made in Venice, Italy

Bartlett Yarns - Wool Goods, Made in Maine

Barton Perreira - Independent Eyewear Brand, Crafted by Hand in Japan

Bather - Beachwear Designed and Manufactured in Toronto, Canada

Battenwear - Japanese Outdoor Sportswear 

Beams Plus - Japanese Brand Celebrating American Heritage

Begg x Co. - Scottish Cashmere

Berg & Berg - Classic Styles from a Nordic P.O.V.

Big Bend Saddlery - The Best Leather Goods in Texas

Billie Todd - Four-Ply Scottish Cashmere

BillyKirk - High-Quality Leather Goods Made by the Kindest Brothers


Alden Shoe Company - Made in Massachusetts since 1884

Ancient Greek Sandals - Made in Greece Like Zeus & Dione

Asahi - Vulcanized Rubber Canvas Shoes Made in Japan

Autry - Tennis Shoes Inspired by Mid-80s Dallas, Texas Brand

Home & Garden

Anchor Hocking - American-made Utilitarian Glassware

Ardmore Home Design - Wholesale Furniture & Home Furnishings

Bearaby - Weighted Blankets

BeHome - Handcrafted Home Products

Blanc Creatives - Artisanal Culinary Tools 


Food & Beverage

Backer's Potato Chips - Best Chips in the World

Blenheim's - Best Ginger Ale in the World