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Kool Kan Koozie

Kool Kan Koozie

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According to the International Hunter Education Association, "all persons hunting any wildlife species... are required to wear an outer garment above the waist with a minimum of 144 square inches of hunter orange."

Before heading out into the wild, meet 1/8th your quota with our vinyl-coated Kool Kan (TM) koozies. Made for us in Wichita Falls, Texas, these top-of-the-line aluminum can koozies feature the highest quality foam, cut and coated with long-lasting blaze orange vinyl.

They are lined with a clear hard plastic liner, which makes for an "easy out" when sliding out your empty can.

Note: Could likely be used as a flotation device (no guarantees, though). These do not fit most bottles nor slimmer Coors cans, but they work great with all other cans, especially tall boys.

Trust us: this is the best, longest-lasting can koozie. Made with superior insulating qualities and design.

Made in USA

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