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Pointer Brand Mesh Back Trucker Caps

Pointer Brand Mesh Back Trucker Caps

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In 1955, when he took the mound at Vero Beach's Holman Stadium, as the newest pitcher signed to the Brooklyn Dodgers, a young Sandy Koufax wore a mesh cap. The game would never be the same. Maybe it was the man. Maybe it was the mesh. Either way, a new kind of cap was christened the "Mesh Back."

We reached out to see if any of these mesh back caps were hiding in Pointer Brand's attic. Relying on the brand's definitive work fabrics: duck cloth, fisher herringbone, camouflage twill, and their signature blanket lining, they are constructed in Georgia, completely by hand.

From Top Left: Brown Blanket-lined, Gray Blanket-lined, Fisher Herringbone Stripe, Brown Duck and Camouflage Twill.

Made in USA 

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