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Sundance Handblown Recycled Glass Tumblers

Sundance Handblown Recycled Glass Tumblers

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Beneath the warm glow of the Sundance Art Shack's Glassblowing Studio, I found myself in rhythm with the dance of creation, as we spun the sands of time into purposeful, beautiful vessels. Here amidst the fiery ballet of Gustavo Calderon, Sr. and Fidencio Flores of Tlaquepaque, Guadalajara—the cradle of hand-blown glass—my admiration for the craft and my zeal for sustainability melded into a singular, fervent purpose.

With every deft and deliberate movement, master artisans Calderon and Flores breathed life into the once-discarded, now molten, glass. This transformation, from forsaken shards to exquisite tumblers, was not merely a demonstration of skill but a poetic testament to the alchemy of human ingenuity and the reverence for Earth's bounties.

These functional tumblers, borne of the heat of passion and the sands of diligence, stand proudly on my shelf as receptacles for libations as well as monuments to artistry and tradition. They serve as a daily reminder that, with a delicate touch and a respect for our origins, we can coalesce the elemental into the extraordinary. Through the marvel of their transparence, just beyond the reflection of my drink, I glean the faintest silhouette of civilization’s relationship with the natural world, a narrative spun into a vessel made to cradle more than just the fruits of the vine—it cradles the spirit of innovation and the eternal dance between man and earth.

Handblown and hand etched from recycled glass
Set of 4
8 ounces
3.75" diameter x 5" height

Made in USA

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