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The Know First Audubon Bird Call

The Know First Audubon Bird Call

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This is a customized Audubon Bird Call engraved with Epictetus' wisdom. It is accompanied by a resin pellet whose powder adds the necessary friction to keep the call a'whistlin'.

In my 20s, while living in Brooklyn, I'd spend my weekends working as an outdoor adventure guide. To the delight and occasional horror of clients I took hiking in the New Jersey hills outside NYC, I played with the Audubon Bird Call so often people began to suggest I sell them.

The original Audubon™ Bird Call is available in classic red or natural birch finish. Sturdy cast zinc and solid birch construction. Rosin capsule included to maintain the call’s distinctive chirp.

The bird call's sound is produced by rotating the wooden cylinder against the cast zinc plug. By varying the pressure between the two surfaces while twisting back and forth, a variety of bird sounds can be accurately imitated. Originally conceived by songbird hunters in Europe, the bird call attracts birds by creating the illusion that other birds are in the area.

Recognized by multiple generations of birders and outdoors people, the Audubon Bird Call has been made and tuned by hand in the USA in the same way for over 60 years.

These are still made and engraved by the inventor’s son in North Kingstown, Rhode Island.

Made in USA

Introducing the custom-engraved Audubon Bird Call, each piece etched with the wisdom of Epictetus. It comes with a resin pellet, crucial for creating the perfect friction that makes the call ring true.

In my twenties, living in Brooklyn, I moonlighted as an outdoor guide on weekends. Leading hikes in the New Jersey hills, I often used the Audubon Bird Call, much to the amusement (and sometimes surprise) of the hikers. Its popularity among them sparked the notion that I should sell them.

The Audubon™ Bird Call is available in either classic red or a natural birch finish. Its build is robust, combining cast zinc and solid birch, complete with a rosin capsule to ensure it keeps chirping effectively.

The call works by twisting the wooden cylinder against the zinc plug, mimicking various bird calls with precision. Originating from European songbird hunters, it's designed to attract birds by simulating the sounds of their fellow avians.

This tool has been a staple among bird watchers and outdoor enthusiasts for over 60 years, cherished for its hand-tuned quality, made in the USA.

Today, it's still handcrafted and engraved by the inventor’s son in North Kingstown, Rhode Island, embodying a tradition of American quality.

Made in USA

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