The Know First Audubon Bird Call

The Know First Audubon Bird Call

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Watch this video to understand how the Know First Audubon Bird Call works. 

Issued by the National Audubon Society, I'm proud to offer a customized "Know First" Audubon Bird Call and a resin pellet. I received my first bird call from a happy client while working as a hiking guide living in New York City. On weekends, I would take clients hiking in the New Jersey hills just outside the city, and I would play the Audubon Bird Call. Eventually, they became a calling card. Each trip ended with an induction ceremony of sorts, and I would pass a bird call onto the lucky winner.

Manufactured by American Bird Products, a family business started in 1947 by Roger Eddy. From his farm in Newington, Connecticut, Mr. Eddy and his family made and sold the original Audubon Bird Call for over 50 years.

Roger died in 2003, and his grandsons Martin and Sam Fox moved the company to their home state of Rhode Island. The Fox brothers have continued Roger Eddy's commitment to high quality, hand-made products.

Each bird call is handmade and hand-tested in Rhode Island of USA components, and with reasonable care, will provide decades of service.