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The Official League Ball: Huntington for Buckshot Sonny's

The Official League Ball: Huntington for Buckshot Sonny's

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"What's important is that baseball, after twenty-eight years of artificial turf and expansion and the designated hitter and drugs and free agency and thousand-dollar bubble gum cards, is still a gift given by fathers to sons."
- Michael Chabon

There's just something to having a catch: the affect it has on a backyard conversation, the strain of effort from the shoulder and the forearm to the sting of the palm, and the toss back and forth like the ebb and flow of the ocean. There is a a rhythm to the pitch and to the catch. It's the poetry of baseball. Because it's a tradition handed down from parent to child dating back generations, the Official League ball from Huntington Base Ball Co. was the perfect addition to our shop.

"There are 108 beads in a Catholic rosary and there are 108 stitches in a baseball." - Annie Savoy, Bull Durham

I first met Huntington Base Ball Co.'s William Peebles at The National Sports Collectors Convention where I asked him if he'd make us a baseball to be released in time for Opening Day, graduation and Father's Day. He sat down at his workbench in Massachusetts and cut the leather by hand and hand-stitched a dozen or so of his baseballs for our shop. They are so beautiful, such works of art in fact, that a patron once asked me to send a ball to William and have him autograph it.

The Official League Ball dates from the late teens to the 1930s. To signify the merger of American and National Leagues, two-color stitching was added. Buckshot Sonny's was the first-ever place Peebles sold the bi-color stitch. 

This is the type of baseball your grandfather would buy at the hardware store when that was still the primary outlet for sporting goods in most towns.

Hand-cut and hand-sewn in USA from premium leathers and materials.

Core is made of cushioned cork to current Major League Specifications.

Buckshot Sonny's Official League Ball by Huntington Base Ball Co.

Made in USA

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